soap 'Familie' as model (broadcast: 03/02/2010)

soap 'Familie' as model (broadcast: 11/06/2010)

'De Rode Loper' as myself

soap 'Galaxy Park' as Kristien (broadcast: 09/01/2012)

soap 'The Artists' as a friend of the artist


short movie 'Opa Rent' as granddaughter


'Romeo and Juliet' as Juliet

'Hokus Sprokus Splasj' as mother and stepmother

'Reinaart de Vos' as Herswinde

'Alis in Onderland' as Alis

Theaters for "Drama" and "Word"

Musical Stage

'De amazones. Het toernooi van de zevenjaarsbloem' as miss

'Het kraakpand' as girl

'Ontdek de ster', as singer


'Plaatselijke krant'

'Glam it magazine' mai 2010, theme: 'Sex and the city'

'TURN magazine online', as 'model of the week'

'Alize Gazouille advertising'

'Design scene', theme: 'Jeux de jambes'

'Elle magazine', with 'Alize Gazouille advertising' 

'Menzo februari 2011', with a rockband called 'Triggerfinger'

'Flair februari 2012'


assignments for Lieve Van Rompay

assignment for Joris De Wolf


assignments for Vincent Custers

KID VANILLA (photographer Vincent Custers)

assignment for Jan Van Roosbroeck

assignments for Jimmy Bollaerts

GLAM*IT (photographer Roger Dyckmans)

assignment for Dominique Steuckers

'Nicky Vankets Suite Collection 2011' (photographer Frank Gielen)

assignment for Ian Verreijt

'PLAN Conceptstore' (photographer Juan Wyns)

assignment for Laika Schuoler

assignment for Thomas Geuens

assignment fot Martin Bing

assignment for Hatim Boubakra

assignments for Daniel Doyen

assignment for Lode Gryspeerdt

assignment for Katrijn Michiels

assignment for Tom Vander Heyden

assignments for Els Vanopstal

Alice Gazouille (photographer Dieter Blondé)

assignments for Frederik Herregods

assignment for Stéphane Hop

assignment for Michel Choffray

assignments for Laura Abigail Goeman

MENZO magazine (photographer: Jeroen Hanselaer)

assignment for Evi Wilmus

assignment for Lesley Hoste

assignment for Eric Ceccarini

assignment for Leen Van den Meutter



Fashion show for soap 'Familie' (broadcast: 03/02/2010)

Benefit fashion show for a charity: 'Casa do Menor'

Fashion shows for 'Festarent'

Fashion show for 'Lily Mechelen' at 'Prof' and 'Tivoli Kasteel'

Fashion show Maria Institute Antwerp

Fashion show for soap 'Familie' (broadcast: 11/06/2010)

Fashion shows for 'Nicky Vankets'

Fashion shows for 'Chris Janssens'

Fashion show for 'Babydolls' at Reflex

Fashion show for 'Inno' 


Showrooms - presentations

'Nicky Vankets'

'Thelma en Louise'

'Tommy Hilfiger'


Private model of Nicky Vankets

Press Conference (introduction Private models)

Catwalk: Nicky Vankets Atumn-Winter 2010-2011 collection


Private showroom days

Event 'Nacht van de Vlaamse televisiesterren'

Photoshoot suite collection 2011

Catwalk: Nicky Vankets M.O.D.E.

Photoshoot lookbook Atumn-Winter 2011-2012 collection

Photoshoot lookbook Srping-Summer 2011-2012 collection


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